An open letter to the citizens of Germany
Yesterday, online publication The Intercept announced that Glen Greenwald, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist — the reporter to break the Edward Snowden documents and to conduct the seminal interview — would be leaving the magazine he co-founded.

The reason for this act was a phenomenon of grave concern to the global, and thus German, press, namely the lack of editorial regard for the revelations regarding the allegedly corrupt and amoral entwinements of the Biden family. The statements made by one Tony Bobulinski on October 22nd, 2020, should be — or ought to have been, at any rate — of particular interest in this ordeal.
The fact of the matter is that German broadcasting bodies are required, according to the terms stipulated in the Broadcasting law, to inform the citizenry of any crucially important international events and affairs. The law states in RStV §11:
„Die öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten haben in ihren Angeboten einen umfassenden Überblick über das internationale, europäische, nationale und regionale Geschehen in allen wesentlichen Lebensbereichen zu geben.“ 
“The public service broadcasters have, in their offers, to give a comprehensive overview of the international, European, national and regional events in all essential areas of life.”
Since this has not transpired as of October 28th, 2020, I felt compelled to take action and have sent a fax to the editorial staff of the Tagesschau, i.e. the national news broadcast, and have in this letter demanded that they report on the issue raised above. Instead, the editors decided to publish an article entitled „Wo ist eigentlich Melania Trump?“ (“Just Where is Melania Trump?”).
As a consequence of this, I have filed a petition with the relevant authorities (in accordance with § 42 Abs. 1, 2. Fall VwGO and § 40 Abs. 2 S. 1 VwGO) with an injunction against the NDR, North German Broadcasting. I would advise all to suspend payment of the broadcasting license fee as long as no changes of consequence take place in the status quo.​​​​​​​
With regard to my occupation as freelance art director,  I am aware of the financial harm that this action may result in for my person. However, I feel it is of utmost importance that I exercise my right as a German citizen, to play a positive role in the shaping of the society of this nation.​​​​​​​
Berlin, October 30th, 2020
signed Milan R. Vuckovic
Translated, November 1st, 2020
Last Edited: 23.11.2020
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